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Craftsmanship on Lake Garda
Craftsmanship on Lake Garda


Between the lights and the shadows, the olive trees and the lemons, in the ancient villages that mirror their beauty in the waters of Lake Garda in the east, the desire to offer visitors our manual skills in creating utensils and ornaments for the home has matured exclusive flavor of Italian craftsmanship created and painted by hand guaranteeing absolute quality standards.

To realize the idea, the synergy of skilled artisans with proven experience and the commercial discipline was necessary to overcome the fashion of appropriating models and decorations of others by not maintaining the same quality standards.

The craftsmanship, a combination of creativity, manual skills and manufacturing techniques, creates recognizable objects in Garda Ceramiche, a guarantee of quality in the materials used for safe food use and practicality.

The taste for beautiful things, the preciousness of handmade objects and the unmistakable Italian taste are the beating heart of Garda Ceramiche which with its strictly handmade products has always satisfied the wishes of its customers and now yours too.

Objects that serve to remember an important moment, but often unused over time. Garda Ceramiche offers you an assortment of "useful" items, which will not only beautify the home of your loved ones but which can be used daily.



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